We present the shiniest and most beautiful smiles to everyone connected to the world through Dermaloop.


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Our name

O!GET! makes fresh beauty that is not heavy or
Serious in ordinary everyday life and fills it with fun.
It presents beauty stylings for cheerful and lovely girls with unique energy of K-teen
Our goal is to create a new beauty culture that respects
And celebrates individual tastes, lifestyles, and beauty codes.
 E a s y ,   F u n   U n i q u e   S K I N   C A R E  
Enjoy the beauty in your everyday life beyond the outward beauty with O!GET!.
Shasta daisy, a refreshing and lovely flower
That blooms from May to July.
Positive thinking and youthful energy were made as a motif through laughter.
With O!GET!, laughter and happiness spread in ordinary everyday life.
Are you ready to be pretty? Are you ready to enjoy? Then, it’s time to O!GET!

Get ready to enjoy

Flagship products of O!GET!

  • Vitamin C Whitening Care Line

    Vitamin C care for rough and dull skin with whitening effect that makes skin bright and transparent

  • Pink Collagen Elastic Care Line

    Elasticity care that makes sagging and loose skin firm and soft with collagen

  • Houttuynia Cordata Soothing Care Line

    Houttuynia cordata for sensitive and troubled skin changes skin moist ad healthy